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Upcoming Events

    • 13 Sep 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Portage Library, 2665 Irving Street, Portage, IN 46368



    Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires persons who work with regulated refrigerants to become certified. Enroll in this course to comply with regulations essential for supporting your apartment community. 

    Eric Kratochvil brings exceptional experience and insights into this course to engage and motivate participants inside and outside the classroom.

    The course includes four sections for the first time test-takers and second time test-takers in your community:

    Section 1: reviews environmental issues surrounding the impact of Class I and II refrigerants

    Section 2: covers the test and instruction for systems with less than 5 pounds of refrigerant (Type I certification)

    Section 3: includes the test and instruction for high-pressure refrigerant such as HCFC 22 including split-system air conditioners (Type II certification)

    Section 4 :contains the test and instruction for systems that use a low pressure refrigerant such as CFC11 (Type III certification)

    Shortly after registering for the exam we will mail you an exam booklet. Please review this booklet in advance of the course.

    Register for the EPA/CFC Certification today to develop your team, increase your skills, and enhance your community.

    View Registration Form or Register Here

    • 14 Sep 2017
    • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Clubhouse @ The Lakes of Valparaiso, 1715 Lake Michigan Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383

    Landlord - Tenant Law & NIAC Networking Social

    This program will focus on the law of Indiana as it relating to tenant and landlord laws. Attend this course to gain insights into the following:

    • The recent legislative and judicial developments that affect this process
    • Discover the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the eviction process as regulated by the local, state, and federal laws

    The course will be led by Michael Langer, Attorney Michael A. Langer is now in his 30th year of practice. Mr. Langer’s practice areas include family law, landlord/tenant, and real estate law. Mr. Langer was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1981 and also was admitted to practice before U.S. District Court, Northern District of Indiana, and the U.S. Tax Court.

    Michael will be joined by Porter County Sheriff's Office employees. Rachel Klaiber-Christian is the Book-Keeper and Mary Hendrickson is a Civil Clerk for the department. They handle evictions, and write writ of assistance for evictions.


    Can’t make the class? Meet us for the NIAC Networking Social following the class. Bring a friend!  We will be serving light refreshments and drinks. The Social will offer networking opportunities for all.

    • Maintenance: meet other technicians and work through tough maintenance issues
    • Property Managers: call on your peers to go over new ways to manage day to day operations
    •  Leasing: learn tricks of the trade by sharing with other leasing professionals
    • Regionals: discuss with other regionals the latest trends in the market
    • Vendors: make connections and build relationship

    View Registration Form or Register Online.

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    • 11 Oct 2017
    • 14 Nov 2017
    • 4 sessions
    • Portage Public Library & Mishawaka Public Library

    NALP Certification

    Earning the NALP Certification, your first industry credential, signals to your employer your commitment to a career in residential property management. Register by October 9th to learn about:

    • Using technology to generate traffic
    •  Monitoring and managing your community’s reputation
    • Inspecting the leasing center, tour route, model units, and vacant apartments
    •  Shopping the competition while building relationships with competitors
    •  Compiling a comprehensive community resource tool
    •  Effective marketing plans
    •   Relationship sales process and evaluating personal sales performance
    •   Evaluating a prospect’s commitment level and overcoming objections
    • Reviewing the next steps in the sales process with prospects
    • Applying fair housing law and communicating rental criteria
    •  Qualifying prospective residents according to rental policy
    •  Preparing and reviewing leases with new residents
    • Move-in process
    • Responding to resident issues and maintenance requests with appropriate follow-up
    • Building relationships with residents and creating a sense of community
    • Reporting incidents, maintaining documentation, and taking corrective action
    • Maximizing revenue and operational efficiency
    •  Securing and processing lease renewals
    • Conducting a Market Survey

    This course is recommended for leasing consultants with varying levels of experience. To earn the NALP certification, students must complete the coursework, pass the NALP exam and complete the Market Survey

    ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:Melissa Glass is a Property Manager with the Gene B. Glick. Her experience covers all types of multifamily housing including market rate, affordable housing, and in-house section 8. She has been in the business for 5 years and obtained her ARM in 2016 with IREM and her CAM in 2017 with IAA. She manages a complex with over 480 units and has a staff of 12 employees located in Mishawaka, IN.

    View Registration Form or Register Online

    • 19 Oct 2017
    • 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Preserves @ Grande Oaks Apartment Homes

    Consumer & Behavioral Trends Workshop

    The Consumer and Behavioral Trends Workshop will cover the shopper of today’s world and their journey. Attend this course to learn important trends that effect the consumer’s buying process. 

    These topics will be covered:

    • The Apartment Shopper’s Journey – In looking at consumer behavior, it’s important to know what the online shopper’s journey looks like. From awareness to advocacy, there are a lot of destination points. Review that journey and all of its points from the shopper’s perspective.  
    • Google “The King of Search” – Unless you are among the 19% of the population who prefers Bing and Yahoo, you most likely are using Google on a daily basis from recipes, to travel plans, to searching for a way to get a wine stain out of the carpet. Learn how consumers are searching for you.
    • How to Win Customers –  Think about your customers holistically and know that one seemingly unrelated search could trigger interest in your brand. Consider partnering with related brands in different (but connected) verticals to reach similar audiences.
    • Generation Z – What’s next for the generation behind the Millennials?  We put so much focus on the millennials, but Generation Z is not too far off – so let’s take a look at what we will need to focus our marketing efforts on in the near future.            

    About the Instructor: Trisha Weise started her career in Property Management in 1999. She graduated from Purdue University with honors, and held multiple positions within the Property Management field. In 2007, she accepted a position with For Rent Media Solutions where she is the General Sales Manager. She continues her passion of education through conducting leasing and digital marketing trends and workshops throughout Indiana.

    Please join us from 8:30am to 9:30am for coffee & doughnuts and networking time before the course!

    View Registration Form or Register Online.

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    • 26 Oct 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Portage Library, 2665 Irving St. Portage, IN 46368

    R-410A Certification

    Register for this R-410A Certification course to provide necessary training and practical knowledge to:

    • Safely service systems containg R-410A and R-407C
    • Effectively manage the R-22 phase-out
    • Understand the effects of refrigerant and oil applications
    • Service techniques and handling of R-410A units
    This course includes two hours of instruction, followed by a 50 question exam that covers proper safety, handling, and application of R-410A refrigerant systems. Persons who pass this examination receive a certificate and an AC&R Safety Coalition R-410A patch. 

    The course is led by Allen Graber who has 17 years with Trane, 33 years of HVAC experience, including industrial, commercial, and residential installation and service. 

    View Registration Form or Register Online.

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Past Events

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14 Jul 2016 Panel of Experts
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20 Nov 2013 Faucet Repair Training
12 Nov 2013 Vendor Appreciation Event
24 Sep 2013 Safety in Leasing
20 Aug 2013 Maintenance Appreciation - Railcats Game

A special thank you to The Lakes of Valparaiso for hosting the Leadership Seminar/Mix & Mingle on September 29.




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